I’m getting married! Or not. It’s actually not clear.

Alternative title: How to use the extra day you get every four years to scare your boyfriend

For those blissfully unaware of anything calendar-related, it’s Leap Day. And as such, we will all be leaping around, we get another whole day to be excited about and/or bemoan our lives. Or, if you’re an Irish woman* you can propose

Today, I clearly did not use it responsibly.

marriage to – I don’t know – I guess anything/one? Let’s assume it’s a person. Anyway, the articles I’ve read today about Leap Day proposals have all used the word can instead of should.

A little while ago I figured out why.

Obviously once I’d heard that I could propose, I had to. I mean, that’s like being told you can ask for a million dollars. Clearly it doesn’t mean you’re going to get it, but what if you were going to but you never asked and now you have… less than a million dollars?!

So here’s how the (online) conversation went:

Me:  I think I’m supposed to propose to you today
The boy: I heard that on the radio this morning
Me:  so… will you marry me?
The boy: want to elope?
Me:  Is that a yes?
Me (three minutes later):  ok so it’s a no
The boy: it’s not a yes or a no; was it a real proposal?
Me: omg, you can’t be ambivalent to marriage proposals!
The boy: I’m not ambivalent! but gchat is not exactly what one might expect
Me: well we were busy this morning and tonight we probably will be again
The boy:  true
Me:  So…?
The boy: yes, I do intend to
Me: This moment is not as exciting as I thought it would be. Shouldn’t one of us be crying? or maybe you are because of the conversation
The boy: not exactly

So now I just think that women who do propose on Leap Day do so because they can use it as an excuse should the askee say no (or whatever version of no I got). “Oh honey, I was just kidding. I guess you could say I leapt into the decision.” And then both parties laugh awkwardly and move on with their day… and possibly to other people who don’t make bad jokes like that.

I bet he thought he would win for most random question of the day with “Have you ever thought about why english muffins are packaged the way they are?” He was wrong. Also, if you happen to know the answer to that – you should share because now I really do want to know.

Also I don’t think this blog title was misleading because there’s still a chance I’m going to get married someday… just not, you know, today. If that changes I’ll let you know.

In (abrupt) closing: Happy Leap Day. And in case you aren’t planning to propose or be proposed to, here’s a fun list of other things you can do today courtesy of The Good Greatsby. Enjoy!

*This might extend to all women. I’m not sure.

2 comments on “I’m getting married! Or not. It’s actually not clear.

  1. I’m concerned what his “not exactly” was in response to. What it in agreement to your comment about “the moment,” or that he wasn’t exactly “crying,” but perhaps the moment was something slightly different for him -and if so, better or worse than crying?

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